Mailchimp Tutorial for 2019

Hi everyone!

So I’ve decided to create my own series of Mailchimp tutorial videos wherein I’ll be discussing the basics and how to’s of using the mailchimp platform. We will be tackling the important stuff and essentials of using Mailchimp .

My Background on Mailchimp

I’ve been using Mailchimp for at least 3 years now. I’ve been actively involved in creating templates, email campaigns, creating automatons, compliance issues and resolution, ads, landing pages and more!

Well, I think the platform is very user-friendly that anyone will find it easy to use. But for those people who want to start using mailchimp, this Mailchimp tutorial video series can be very helpful in jump starting your Mailchimp skills.

Totally Free Mailchimp Tutorial Video Series

This mailchimp video tutorial series is absolutely free! You don’t need to pay anything to access all these videos. However, if you wanted to say thanks, a sub in my YouTube channel or sharing these mailchimp video tutorial series will be great!

Adsense Keyword – How To Find A Top Paying Adsense Keywords

This is one the most important criteria in building a site and making adsense revenue from it. If you have a high top paying Adsense keyword and optimized it properly, then you can become a real successful Adsense earner.

Here I will help you in finding & choosing a best paying Adsense keyword for your site.

Think Before You Choose Your Adsense Keyword

Think on this points before you choose any adsense keyword.

  1. How much competition will be there for this particular keyword?
  2. How much effort I have to put in to gain rankings in search engines?
  3. Is this keyword has high click through rate?
  4. Is this a long term paying keyword?
  5. Is this keyword will going to get me targeted ads from adsense, so that I will have more clicks. In other words will it attract visitors?
  6. Bid (cost per click) for that keyword is very high but traffic is very less
  7. Is there any reliable Adsense keyword tool on whom I can trust?
  8. Which are the famous highest paying Adsense keywords?

Let’s find answers of these questions.

How much competition will be there for this particular keyword?

Search the keyword in all the major search engine see how much results they show for that particular keyword. For example for “adsense keyword” there is 7,320,000 results are shown in Google (this may vary from time to time).

This 7,320,000 results are your competitors for this particular keyword. You have to beat these 7,320,000 results pages to get rankings for “adsense keyword”. Now you seen the competition, decide your self can I beat them?

Yes you can by doing proper website search engine optimization, and building link popuarity you can beat them and rank for that particular keyword. Remember the more backlinks the more higher your search engine rankings.

How much effort I have to put in to gain rankings in search engines?

See how much effort the number one competitor has done for gaining the rank for that particular term. His back links, his all on-page optimization stuff. Think how much time it will take to overcome his backlinks etc.

Is this keyword has high click through rate?

Check in Google Adwords Tool that is your selected keyword has good advertiser competition in google adwords or not.

Also check what is the highest bid for that particular keyword.

To check the highest particular keyword Login to your Google Adwords account, go in tools section. Then go to traffic estimator. Put in your keywords. Put in the currency of the country you are optimizing your site for. If its all our the world put dollars by default. Give any daily budget. Choose Language and country. Daily budget & CPC column can be leave blank.

Click continue and it will show you all the details of your ad position, competition, estimated avg. CPC, cost per day etc.

Now the important part is Average CPC and maximum CPC.

Ya you got it.

Please search that term in Google again and see how many sponsored ads are there.

That’s how you can get the details & exact figure or CPC (cost per click) rate for your selected keyword.

This is the most accurate and trusted way to check the Click Trough Rate (CTR) of any adsense keyword, as it gives you the data from whom you are getting the ads.

Is this a long term paying keyword?

Do not optimize or target your sites for short term paying keyword. For example for any film, as after some time the search craze will be over for that particular keywords. Instead target them somewhere in the inside pages. Always target long term paying keywords, as they will pay you for long time.

Is this keyword will going to get me targeted ads from adsense, so that I will have more clicks. In other words will it attract visitors?

Always go for keywords which has good competition in Google Adwords. Check in Google by searching for that particular keyword. In sponsored link you will find how Google Adwords advertisers has written there ads.

Try to take similar and good keywords as this will match in your content .When these ads will be shown in your websites through Adsense, there will be more chances of clicking as your visitor would be looking for similar kind of advertising (or information).

Bid (cost per click) for that keyword is very high but traffic is very less

I really don’t believe this, if you have any one of them please let me know. I will be happy to work on them. But if they are there I will take a chance and will go for them.

Is there any reliable Adsense keyword tool on whom I can trust?

Yes I know one. That is nothing but the big “G” himself. Google Adwords is the only and trusted name if you will tell to me name.

You can also try

Which are the famous highest paying Adsense keywords?

Mesothelioma related keywords, Home loans, equity loan, life insurance, home equity, credit card, etc. are some high paying keywords. Some of it can earn you 50$ per click. Again only Google Adwords tool can say you the truth.

I suggest you to go for your real niche and researched keyword, apart from what you see in most of the site.

Here are some Latest Top Paying Adsense Keywords.

$55.21 federal loan consolidation
$54.90 mesothelioma diagnosis
$54.82 private loan consolidation
$53.96 car insurance quote online
$53.68 bad credit equity loan
$53.38 abdominal mesothelioma
$52.99 cash settlement
$52.98 student loan consolidation programs
$52.84 student loan consolidation calculator
$52.37 student loan consolidation program
$51.30 mesothelioma lawyers
$51.30 life quote
$51.26 auto quote
$50.62 www mesothelioma
$50.35 mesothelioma
$50.04 consolidate loans
$41.48 equity loan rates
$41.44 bad credit mortgages
$41.42 whole life insurance quote
$41.41 chase credit cards
$41.19 federal direct consolidation loan
$41.03 nj auto insurance
$40.93 student loan consolidation center
$40.74 refinancing mortgage
$40.54 fort worth dwi
$40.43 federal criminal attorney
$40.41 botox training
$40.34 mortgage loans
$40.13 whole life quote
$40.11 refinancing
$40.08 direct loan consolidation
$40.04 causes of mesothelioma

$49.78 insurance quote
$48.97 instant insurance quote
$48.87 structured settlement company
$48.86 life insurance quotes
$48.65 san diego dui
$48.64 equity bad
$48.46 lasik dallas
$48.45 san diego dui
$48.30 what is mesothelioma
$48.11 consolidate loan
$47.96 lasik nyc
$47.88 equity line rates
$47.74 dwi texas
$47.74 equity line of credit rates
$47.68 school consolidation loans
$47.54 texas dwi
$47.50 all state insurance
$47.45 online insurance quotes
$47.40 student loan consolidators
$47.34 best student loan consolidation
$46.68 equity mortgage loans
$46.65 education loan consolidation
$46.54 125 equity
$46.51 direct consolidation
$46.45 term life insurance
$46.37 sallie mae student loan consolidation
$46.35 lasik vision institute
$46.22 loan consolidation rates
$45.95 dui attorneys
$45.76 dui attorneys
$45.59 mesothelioma settlements
$45.55 student load consolidation
$45.48 cheap auto insurance
$45.27 chicago personal injury
$45.18 cheap car insurance quote
$45.08 dui lawyer
$44.99 dui attorney
$44.90 lawyer dui
$44.87 malignant mesothelioma
$44.87 dwi attorney
$44.82 botox chicago
$44.80 attorney dui
$44.79 cheap car insurance
$44.68 dwi attorney
$44.06 lasik new jersey
$43.91 cheap quote
$43.56 lasik nj
$43.50 pleural mesothelioma
$43.50 bank of america equity
$43.28 dui lawyers
$43.26 injury chicago
$43.18 consolidation
$43.13 car insurance rates
$43.10 dui lawyers
$42.67 bad credit mortgage
$42.58 new lasik
$42.58 federal direct consolidation
$42.48 student loan debt consolidation
$42.23 term life insurance quote online
$42.20 consolidate private student loans
$41.83 manhattan lasik
$41.61 equity loan rate
$41.56 credit consolidators

$82.92 austin dwi
$78.01 school loan consolidation
$76.54 college loan consolidation
$74.93 car insurance quotes
$74.78 auto insurance quotes
$74.23 school consolidation
$71.71 consolidation college
$67.42 consolidation student
$67.34 student loan consolidation rates
$67.27 sell structured settlement
$66.84 structured settlements
$65.71 federal student loan consolidation
$65.56 austin dwi attorney
$65.44 term life quote
$65.29 austin dwi attorney
$65.27 term life insurance quote
$65.17 auto insurance quote
$63.17 term insurance quote
$62.25 federal consolidation
$61.15 consolidate student loan
$59.82 structured settlement
$59.66 insurance car
$59.21 consolidate school loans
$58.89 consolidation loan rate
$58.71 consolidation of student loans
$58.59 car insurance quote
$57.38 life insurance quote online
$57.31 private student loan consolidation
$57.29 consolidate student loans
$57.14 consolidation loan
$56.58 the lasik vision institute
$56.24 lasik new york
$56.05 plus loan consolidation
$56.03 student loans consolidation
$55.82 insurance quotes
$55.34 life insurance quote

(These keywords and estimated Avg. CPC may vary time to time as per advertisers bid on particular adsense keywords).

targeting facebook fans of another page facebook ads

How to Target the Fans of Another Facebook Page – Facebook Ads

Did you find a facebook page that has the right audience you were looking for? And you wanted those people to like, follow or visit your page or website? Depending on what kind of facebook ads promotions you are to run, you can target the audience of another facebook page in your facebook ad.

Target the Likers of Another Facebook Page

First, you need to create your facebook ad to be run. You can do so by going to the Insights tab and then go to Promotions.

How to Target the Fans of Another Facebook Page - Facebook Ads

Then in the Audience edit section, you can target the fans of a facebook page by simply writing in the name of the facebook page you want to target:

targeting facebook fans of another page facebook ads

In this case, since this is a dog lovers facebook page, I want to target the likers of people who liked Cesar Millan’s page.

Reasons Why a Facebook Page is not Available for Targeting

Not all facebook page are available for targeting. If after typing the facebook page name nothing appears, then it only means that that page is not available for targeting.

Some reasons are:

  • The page is not that popular and there are only a handful of people that has interest in it.
  • The page doesn’t have much likers.
  • Not entirely sure, but the type of page category might be a reason as well.

And that’s it! This is how you can target the fans of a facebook page in your own facebook ads.

Simplest Way to Change WordPress Website Links to WWW Version

Once and for all, enough with the .htaccess changes. There is a very simple way on how you can change your wordpress website URL. The wordpress backend is powerful enough to do just this. Editing your .htaccess might ruin other things in it. How about let wordpress do it for you?

If you want to change your wordpress URL from non-www to www, simply login into your admin dashboard.

Changing WordPress Website to www

After logging in, go to Setting > General and then change your WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) to its www version:

Simplest Way to Change WordPress Website Links to WWW Version

In this case, I will change it to for both Site Address and WordPress Address. And hit Save Changes.

You will then be automatically logged out after Clicking on Save Changes as the database is being updated with your preferred links.

Logged out after change in wordpress url

As you can see, I was automatically logged out. However, my website link has the www version now.

Need to Know on Changing WordPress Website to www

After your website link transition, you must update and direct your www traffic to the right IP in your domain registrar. www is actually just a subdomain so like any other subdomain, you must point it to the right destination. If you are using an A record, pointing it to your site’s IP will do the trick.

Or if you point your domain by changing nameserver, your dns info must be done to where it has been transferred which is usually to your hosting account.

Anyway, thanks for reading and let me know if you have question or other work around in changing wordpress links to www version.

What does not provided means in Google Analytics?

Have you every encounter the (not provided) parameters in Google Analytics when you are working with finding your website’s traffic analytics or acquisition channels? If you are not sure what I am referring to, you can check the image below of what it looks like. You can find it if you go to your Analytics then go to Acquisition > All Traffics > Channels

how to unlock not provided google analytics keywords

You will be presented with the 4 Default Channel Grouping in Google Analytics which are the (1) Organic Search, (2) Social, (3) Direct and (4) Referral.

Yeah, I know that the one above has very little traffic… well, it’s a new website. 😊. Now click on Organic Search. Clicking this will give you the Keywords that people are using to find your website.

And this is where you will find the (not provided) info.

how to unlock not provided google analytics keywords-2


What is in the not provided keyword in Google Analytics

Well, obviously, these are the keywords that people used to find your website and Google know what are these but they choose not to share it with you. And this is being done to protect the interest of the searcher’s privacy.

This has been the case since 2010 when Google announce that they will no longer provide the keyword data in their Google Analytics product.

How to Unlock not provided info in Google Analytics?

Short answer – you can’t. Afterall, Google is a business and they should find a way to alienate their paying customers. Otherwise, what is the point of paying for premium results when everyone can get it right? If you are paying and using adwords, you can actually find what these keywords are. However, if you are not, then chances are you can’t find this data. But there is an alternative way to know this – similarly – by looking at your Landing Pages report in your analytics dashboard.

Alternative in not provided keyword data in Google Analytics

My workaround in this is just looking at the Landing Pages report instead.

unlocking not provided keywords google analytics

From here, you can find your famous pages where people usually find your site. This works like the keywords report as it gives you the Landing Page or the first page that people click and go to to find your website. It is not much of an info but at least you will know what are the pages people are landing into to get to your site. You can just then use perhaps some third party tools to unlock the keywords for this particular page.

In another post, you can actually see these keywords and unlock these google analytics not provided keyword info if you have your google Console setup for your site which is previously known as Google Webmasters. I have another post on how you can do that. Here is the post – How to Unlock Google Analytics Not Provided Keywords Using Google Webmasters.

I hope this helps you in knowing what is behind the not provide keyword report of Google Analytics. I know it can be frustrating but you must remember that Google Analytics is totally free and you have a lot of features and free information that you can extract from it freely which can help you in examining or accessing your website traffic.

But again, if you have some more workaround in this, feel free to put it in the comment section and I can put and add it in this post and mentioned you as a way of saying thanks.

Where can you find your posts in your WP database?

If you want to find where are your post data or the posts itself you’ve created in a particular wordpress website in your database, all you need to find is the wp_posts table.

From the wp codex, here’s a quick overview of the wp_posts table in your wp database:

As you can see, all of the meta data that you can find in your wordpress dashboard are here. The comments, author, post excerpt, post data, the post data, etc are here.

So let’s go to the wp_posts table and see where your posts are.

Navigating Your WP Database Using PhpMyAdmin

Depending on the name of the database you’re website is being powered on, open that database using phpmyadmin and you will find this list of tables (above).

Once you open your wp_posts table, you will see all the data about a particular post. Below is an example:

You can see the post_title column which has your post title and the post_content column that has your post content.

What can you do about it?

One thing you can do is edit the post there directly using phpmyadmin. You can drop the particular row as well and you will delete that post completely. Well, everything that you can do in the backend dashboard of your site on a particular post, you can also do here. All it needs is some SQL query or if you’re very familiar with PhpMyAdmin, then you can use its interface to work on a post.

And that’s it. That’s how you can find your posts from your wp database and using the wp_posts table.

Top 3 Best HTML Formatter for a Cleaner Code

Do you have those times when you’re coding and since it’s been intense you forgot or completely ignore good indentation of your divs and other html elements?

That happens a lot to me too. But worry not, here is an online html formatter to format an ugly HTML code, making it readable and pretty, with the proper indentation.

1.HTML Formatter. This is the one that I’ve been .

2. Free Formatter – I’ve use this a number of times as well. But don’t like the interface. This tool got validators and other tasks which is great.

3. Source Code Beautifier – I like this too. Like #1, it’s straight to point. Paste in your code and let it do the trick.

And that’s  it! There are a lot more out there but these are the ones I’m using so I can vouch for them. Let me know if you know better ones.

Disabling WordPress BackendTheme and Plugin Editor

For some reasons, if you created a custom theme or plugin for a client, you want it to be protected in a way that other

admins of that site won’t edit its code accidentally.

If you want to have the wordpress admin editor vanish and inaccessible from the backend via Appearance >> Editor, all you need to do is add this line of code to your wp-config.php or set it to TRUE if it’s already there.

As of writing this, this will not work if you paste it in your theme’s functions.php. By default, this is set to FALSE in your wordpress files wp-config.php